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The ideal Phi Beta Kappa has demonstrated intellectual integrity, tolerance for other views, and a broad range of academic interests. The Phi Beta Kappa Society recognizes three types of members: members-in-course, alumni members, and honorary members. Membership in the Society is for life.

Most Phi Beta Kappa members are elected as members-in-course. Less than a third of chapters elect alumni or honorary members, and only a few are elected each triennium.

Charter & Foundation

Charter Members of the Delta Chapter of New Jersey

William Ball
Bernard Bearer
Elizabeth Borland
Andrew Carver
Marion Cavallaro
Deborah Compte
Daniel Crofts
Cynthia Curtis
Alan Dawley
Keith Dewey
Henry F. Fradella
Debra Frank
Nancy Freudenthal
Thomas Hagedorn
Nancy Lasher
Marc Meola
Kevin Michels
Heather Moulaison
Cynthia Paces
Byron Parizek
David Reimer
Margaret Ruddy
Felicia Steele
Nadine Stern
David Venturo
Morton Winston
Jean Wong

Foundation Members of the Delta Chapter of New Jersey

R. Barbara Gitenstein